• If you are reluctant to part with things, consider making a donation to a local thrift shop, or make a few bucks selling your possessions on eBay® or craigslist®.

Gently worn baby clothes, larger toys, or even accessories are particularly well suited for online sales. You can sell in bulk, for example, all size 2 shirts can be packaged together or you can bring some items to a local consignment store if you prefer.

Either way, you will end up with more free space in your home and some money to spend on new stuff.

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• Here is another product oriented organizing tip.
If you have a child who likes to draw, you probably have lots of their precious artwork. These next few products will help you organize as well as display your child's creations: Li'l Davinci® frames or Dynamic Artwork Frame.

• For a different take on traditional towel rack, think about using a wine rack as a towel holder in a bathroom. Here are two examples: Ikea Vurm and Harriston Towel/Wine Rack.

• Consider signing up for electronic delivery of documents with your financial institutions, such as bank statements. It saves storage space in your home, reduces paper clutter, does not require shredding and is good for the environment.

Welcome to Riverdale Organizer - a New York Home Organizing company.

What Home Organizing means to us is expressed in our guiding principle - Make room for life, we'll organize the rest!

If you are constantly rearranging your closets, if the clutter makes you waste your time looking for something, if you are simply intimidated by the organizing task at hand, if you are downsizing, or your family is growing, but your home is not, or if you are just a bit disorganized, then let us try and tackle this work for you. We have years of experience uncluttering, organizing closets, organizing homes, making a home an organized and efficient place.

If you are looking for a home organizer, you came to the right place. Please look around - some of our services are described here. Hopefully, you will let us show you some ways to make your home a place you always meant for it to be.

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Marina helped us to pack up our house and get it ready to show to potential buyers, which involved winnowing and organizing 20+ years years of belongings! She created a plan so that the task, which I am finishing, feels less overwhelming. She has taught me many things that will help me to be more organized going forward! She knows places that restore and upholster furniture, exactly which hangers to buy and how to measure for under bed storage. She is efficient and frugal with her clients' money and time. Marina made suggestions but was sensitive, e.g., to the ridiculous numbers of books that I want to keep. She trained in graphic arts and has a creative eye for staging a house or decorating a room. Can't recommend her highly enough!
North Riverdale 2017

Marina has a great sense of visual space and order. She’s tireless, detail-oriented, thoughtful, and her experience as a parent is invaluable when it comes to making a home work for everyone in the family. She’s diplomatic, empathetic, and respectful of your privacy (and quirks.)

Marina was a life-saver on the day we moved. She had the kitchen unpacked and organized before the moving truck had pulled away, and the house and furniture measured so we didn’t waste any time and effort rearranging. I don’t know how we would have gotten through our move without her, and we can’t wait to have her back.
Jennifer H. Lyne, Author
Chappaqua, NY
February 2015

Marina has saved me twice now. I used Marina's services three or four years ago to help me organize my apartment from top to bottom. I still to this day use the principles she taught me. When I recently moved to a new place, I moved on Friday and had Marina come over on Saturday. She just has one of those brains that can look at an empty room and visualize where everything should go. (I don't have that!) In addition to helping me arrange the furniture, she also sorted out the kitchen (plates here, pots here, junk drawer here.), closets, and pantry. It would have taken me months to figure all that out and execute it. Instead I was able to start with a good, sensible foundation and spend those months personalizing, decorating, and enjoying my new home.

Marina was a life-saver on the day we moved. She had the kitchen unpacked and organized before the moving truck had pulled away, and the house and furniture measured so we didn’t waste any time and effort rearranging. I don’t know how we would have gotten through our move without her, and we can’t wait to have her back.
M. Lewis
Bronx, NY
December 2014

My problem was not lack of space, but lack of an organized system. A co-worker suggested a professional organizer and I was very skeptical at first. I thought that an organizer would do things that I could do myself, but maybe in a more efficient manner. Marina was able to do things I never would have been able to. She is so creative; she was able to walk into a room and visualize it with everything re-arranged and more organized. She was also extremely diligent. She was with me for two full days, and did not stop working, thinking, or planning the whole time. Everything in my home makes sense now, and everything has a place. She arranged the furniture and opened up the space so it is light and airy now. And she worked miracles in the closets-I still don't know how she did it! It really is like a whole new apartment. Thank you, Marina!
Marissa - The Bronx, NY
April 2012

The Riverdale Organizer is a non-judgmental, respectful, and collaborative professional. Marina spent a few days helping me organize my apartment. After only the first day, I slept very soundly in my newly arranged and clutter free bedroom. The second day brought with it a transformed closet that I didn’t think could happen.

The results were great especially with Marina’s consistent guidance. As she worked, she regularly observed and reflected on various areas of my home and provided on the spot recommendations, tips and advice. I would definitely recommend her and would work with her again.
RA - The Bronx, NY
November 2009

I was given a Gift Certificate for Riverdale Organizer's home organizing services as a present. At first I was skeptical, but after the first session I realized that everything I knew about organizing my apartment was only a fraction of what a professional organizer knows. Thank you very much, Riverdale Organizer, for showing me how to declutter and make efficient use of my limited living space.
NI - Pelham Pkwy, Bronx, NY
October 2008

The Riverdale Organizer came calmly into our home and within five minutes had visualized a solution to our post-baby space crunch. She responded to our feedback, built on it, worked quickly and efficiently, and all with humor. We highly recommend her services.
DS - Washington Heights, NY
January 2008

Once we met with Riverdale Organizer, we knew we were in capable hands. She created an excellent solution to our home office clutter as well as helped us establish an organizing system for the daily bookkeeping of our receipts/bills/etc. We are very pleased with the results and are already planning to use Marina's expertise for our next planned project: closet space.
TM - Riverdale, NY
March 2008
Tower at Bell Tower Park, Riverdale, NY
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