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I had no idea I had so much unusable space in the 3 closets they designed and built for me. Clean, thorough, prompt, efficient, and very respectful of your space and your budget----Marina provided me with 2 beautifully detailed, inclusive and meticulously designed options for each room. You get your choice of options and can give lots of input of your own. With her professional advice, you wind up making complete use of all of your precious space. And this all happened practically overnight.

Marina----I know I'll be using your services again----I have you on speed-dial! Thanks again for a job well done.
DC - Central Riverdale, NY
September 2010

This is a testimonial to the genius of The Riverdale Organizer:

Several months ago, I moved to Riverdale. I left a modest 3-bedroom house with a full-sized basement. I have been in the garment business (both wholesale and retail) for almost 40 years. And I am a working artist. I am telling you all this so that you can get the picture of all the STUFF I brought with me. I have moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. My new home was bursting at the seams with all my STUFF. I became overwhelmed and paralyzed trying to figure how to fit it all into the new space.

And then I found The Riverdale Organizer! She saved my life -- and my sanity! She made the second bedroom into the most fabulous dressing room and “closet”. She worked hard, (and with enthusiasm) and used the shelves and racks that I already had. I know that I will present her with additional organizing challenges in my kitchen and my studio! I feel fortunate that we found each other!
PS - North Riverdale, NY
October 2007
Riverdale Neighborhood House, Riverdale, NY
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