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Some of the many home organizing services Riverdale Organizer provides are listed on this page. However, if a particular service you require is not listed, please contact us.

As a professional New York City home organizer, it is my mission to help you organize your home, make your life easier and free up your time for doing things you really enjoy.

As a long time resident of New York City, I know the value of space in our homes. And while I might not be able to turn your two bedroom apartment into a 6 bedroom mansion, I will help you find some of that extra closet space, an extra shelf or two.

Your home is a place of rest and comfort. By working with you, together we will create your perfect home by making it functional, balanced and uncomplicated. A place you cannot wait to get back to!

Riverdale Organizer was quite effective in managing my closet project.

I consulted the NAPO website (National Association of Professional Organizers), and Riverdale Organizer was 1 of 4 options I vetted. My final decision was based on proximity and reasonable cost of services. We arranged a mutually agreed upon schedule, and all meetings were timely.

Marina was knowledgeable about how best to maximize the use of my 3 closet spaces, taking measurements and providing expert advice on the best arrangement for my closet contents.

I was satisfied that the process occurred as she stated, and my closets are now functional as a direct result of the expertise of Riverdale Organizer.
Yvonne - The Bronx, NY
November 2012

I contacted Marina in Sept ’09 and I could not be happier with the results. Her integrity and compassion shines through and you will soon feel at ease. With her help, I got rid of clothes and paper clutter that has been plaguing me for years. With all the clothes that I donated to charity I’m getting a hefty tax refund that will offset my initial organizer investment. I now have the skills to organize my home better.
TH - The Bronx, NY
October 2009

I am a life-long "pack rat" afraid to get rid of anything because "we might need it later...I might find the other one," and the ever-useful "just in case." Marina helped me sort, purge and organize our three bedroom apartment before an out-of-state move. Through three prior moves, we had carted around most of our things, with small attempts at organizing, but no real direction. Over the course of four mornings, we went through the whole apartment, focusing on those areas that collect the most clutter - desk, closets, "junk" drawers. She even helped me go through my kids rooms and get rid of many of the "babyish" toys in such a way that the kids didn't really notice they were gone, but made the "good stuff" easier for them to find. I feel so much better, more able to face our move, knowing that I'll only have to unpack things that we really want and need. Thank you, Marina, for helping to make our move so much easier and making the organizing so painless!
SS - Central Riverdale, NY
February 2010

The Riverdale Organizer came to my apartment and organized my linen closet that was in desperate need of help. It was overloaded with so many things I had no idea existed! I didn't know how to begin to deal with that.

When she took over that task, I was skeptical. She grouped all my sheets, towels and linens in such a way that everything is so easily accessible and now is so easy to keep it neat and organized.

Thanks to Riverdale Organizer I now have a "stress" free closet. She helped me to decide what to keep, what to throw away and what to donate. It was some accomplishment and I am proud of that. I wish to hire Marina for further jobs that need attention. I found Marina's work very professional, she is pleasant to work with. She is hard working self-starter. The Riverdale Organizer is resourceful, creative and solution-oriented person who was able to come up with new and innovative approaches. She has a lot of enthusiasm about her job. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who may be overwhelmed with accumulated items and want to simplify her\his life.
EH - Riverdale, NY
December 2007
Tortoise and Hare, Van Cortlandt Park, NY
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